St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Edmond, Oklahoma


Join us for Sunday Worship!

Sunday Services

  • 7:30am Holy Communion (No music)
  • 8:45am Holy Communion (Praise & Worship Music)
  • 10:00am Christian Formation (Sunday School)
  • 11:00am Holy Communion (Traditional Choir)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

  • 9:00am Morning Prayer

Mondays Lenten Program
February 23 - March 23
6:15pm through 7:30pm
Cost $5.00 per person
Join us!

Wednesdays Adult Confirmation
February 25 - March 25
April 8 - April 22
6:15pm through 7:45pm
For information, contact the Church office at 405-341-3855

March 29 - Palm Sunday
7:30am - Gather in the Parish hall at 7:20am
10:30am - Gather at Shannon Miller park at 10:20am
10:00am Nursery available

Thursday, April 2
7:00pm Holy Communion
8:00pm The Watch begins in the Chapel
6:45pm Nursery available

Friday, April 3
12:00pm Good Friday service
7:00pm Our youth will present the Stations of the Cross
6:45 Nursery available

Saturday, April 4
8:30pm Easter Vigil
8:15pm Nursery available

Sunday, April 5
7:30am Rite I Liturgy with Chancel Choir
8:45am Nursery available
8:45am Rite II Liturgy with Praise Ensemble
10:00am Easter Egg Hunt
11:00am Rite II Liturgy with Chancel Choir

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Map to St. Mary's

Map to St Mary's Episcopal Church, Edmond Oklahoma